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Dental Implants Phoenix, AZ

Dental Implants at David R. Moyer Cosmetic & Family DentistryThe natural aging process is associated with the loss of teeth due to dental decay, periodontal diseases, trauma, accidents, and wear. It is documented that on average at least one missing tooth is seen with persons aged above 35 years. This situation warrants preventive measures in order to lessen the occurrence of all risk factors of tooth loss. However, tooth loss does occur and requires immediate replacement of the empty spaces in the mouth with the optimum prosthesis. Removable dentures and fixed bridges are the conventional replacement options for lost natural teeth. With the progress in the field of Prosthodontics, dental implants have been evolved as the ultimate replacement for lost natural teeth. Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona, has revolutionized Scottsdale dentistry with the provision of state of the art dental implant restorations as the artificial replacement of choice for empty tooth spaces in your mouth.

What are dental implants?
An object which is placed directly in the jaw bone used to support the above-placed crown or bridge prosthesis or denture is known as a dental implant. Dental implants act to replace or mimic the natural tooth's root.

What are the requirements to get an implant?
Dr. Moyer will evaluate your overall health conditions in order to plan the dental implant prosthesis.

Dental implants provision needs:
•  Healthy alveolar bone around the tooth sockets
•  Optimum thickness and width of alveolar bone
•  Location of alveolar bone
•  Periodontal health

What is osseointegration?
Osseointegration describes the formation of a structural and functional connection between the surface of the dental implant and the surrounding alveolar bone. This biological bond helps the dental implant to act as the natural tooth's root, providing support and strength to the crowns placed afterward.

Which materials are used in the synthesis of a dental implant?
Titanium alloys are most commonly used in the preparation of dental implants. Titanium has the required flexibility and elasticity to absorb shocks which act on the prosthesis during chewing, eating, and everyday activities. Zirconium can also be used to synthesize the dental implants.

What is the procedure for implant placement? Is it painful?
Dr Moyer will provide you with dental implants after thorough history and examination for evaluation of bone height and quality. The first visit involves the surgical procedure for placing dental implant in the alveolar bone. A gap of 3–6 months is given for osseointegration to occur. An impression is taken on the next visit in order to get a fabricated crown from the dental laboratory. The whole process is painless as it is carried out under profound local anesthesia at the Scottsdale dentistry.

What are the advantages of dental implants?
Dental implants have various advantages over conventional dentures and bridges. Dental implants provide:
•  A life-like feeling as they transmit sensations to the surrounding tissues
•  Better aesthetics
•  Fixed nature (permanent)
•  Preserves and stimulates formation of new bone around itself
•  Considered as a permanent replacement of natural teeth due to their long anticipated life
•  Provide ease in speaking, eating, and smiling
•  No risk of dental decay with artificial teeth
•  No damage to surrounding natural teeth as compared to bridges

How can I take care of my dental implants?
Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona, advises you to take care of your dental implants just like natural teeth. Brush and floss your artificial teeth twice daily. Mouth rinses are also advantageous.

Visit Dr. Moyer in Scottsdale Arizona, or make a call today at 480.935.6295 to book a consultation visit regarding dental implants.

10920 N Tatum Blvd #103
Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA

Dr. David R. Moyer, DDS Yelp David R. Moyer, DDS Facebook David R. Moyer, DDS YouTube

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