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Multiple Tooth Extractions

At David R. Moyer Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, our main goal is to prevent you from losing your permanent teeth. However, certain situations may require multiple tooth extractions to improve your oral and overall health. In this case, Dr. Moyer uses cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to allow for a comfortable and efficient experience. After the procedure, we will give you extensive care instructions to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once you have properly healed, we can begin any restorative treatments you have chosen and give you a new and beautiful smile!

Reasons For Multiple Tooth Extractions

•  Injury or Accident: When several teeth have been severely fractured or partially knocked out, multiple extractions may be the only option. If left untreated, tooth decay can wreak havoc on a fractured tooth, making it more difficult to chew and speak.
•  Advanced Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Periodontal disease can cause an infection that damages the bones, tissues, and ligaments that keep your teeth in place. If your teeth become too loose, you may need to undergo extraction and restorative treatment.
•  Compromised Immune System: When a patient has a compromised immune system, the likelihood of infection increases greatly. In severe cases, extraction may be required to improve your health.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before the procedure, Dr. Moyer will assess the severity of the problem to ensure that extraction is the right solution. To help us prepare and plan for treatment, we will perform a physical exam, take x-rays, and review your medical history. Extractions are performed under local anesthesia to eliminate pain and discomfort.

After Multiple Tooth Extractions

Below are some general guidelines, but after your procedure, David R. Moyer Cosmetic & Family Dentistry will give you a list of post-operative instructions.
•  Keep the gauze pads in place over the extraction sites for at least one hour. After this time, you can remove and discard of the gauze. A new gauze pad is only required if minor bleeding persists.
•  Avoid touching or irritating the surgical sites. Vigorous mouth rinsing, sucking on straws, and smoking can dislodge the blood clots and cause continuous bleeding.
•  Restrict activities and avoid exercise the day of your procedure. We suggest lying down while elevating your head with a few pillows.
•  Take the prescribed pain medication preemptively. This coincides with the local anesthetic wearing off.
•  Drink lots of fluids, but do not use straws. Avoid hot liquids on the first day. While you heal, be sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of liquids per day.
•  Use an ice pack on the outside of your face for the first 24 to 48 hours. This will help minimize swelling.
•  Eat soft food for the first several days. Foods that can be chewed and swallowed easily will help you avoid damaging the extraction sites.

The removal of several teeth is quite different for the extraction of just one. You may notice a swelling that reaches a maximum by the second day. You may also develop a sore throat. This should subside in two or three days. If you experience a slight elevation in your body temperature, don’t worry. It should subside within 24-48 hours. There is always the possibility of developing dry socket when a tooth is removed. If you experience severe pain between the fourth and sixth day, contact our office immediately.

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10920 N Tatum Blvd #103
Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA

Dr. David R. Moyer, DDS Yelp David R. Moyer, DDS Facebook David R. Moyer, DDS YouTube

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