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Tooth Extraction Phoenix, AZ

Dental Extraction at David R. Moyer Cosmetic & Family DentistryThe modern dental treatment concept always focuses upon the prevention of permanent removal of teeth from the oral cavity. It is recommended to save teeth through the provision of root canal therapy at all costs. Saving natural teeth is always better as compared to the provision of dental implants. However, certain conditions necessitate pulling teeth out from their sockets to prevent the occurrence of harmful consequences. Dr. Moyer uses the latest equipment in a calm environment to perform essential tooth extractions using pain free surgical techniques.

Why do I need permanent removal of my natural teeth?
Dr. Moyer opts for the extraction of teeth in the following situations:
•  The occurrence of severe tooth infection which cannot be eliminated with root canal therapy procedures. Infection spreads through the enamel and dentin portions of the teeth and reaches the soft pulp tissues where nerves and blood vessels reside. The condition gets worse when it spreads past the apical foramen into the perirradicular tissues resulting in severe throbbing pain associated with mobility of teeth
•  Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy become immune compromised and need removal of compromised teeth which come in line with the radiation
•  Teenagers and adults who opt for orthodontic braces for their mal-aligned and crowded teeth often require extraction of premolar teeth for gaining the required space for alignment of teeth
•  Compromised periodontal attachment owing to periodontal diseases causing loosening of teeth and furcation area defects
•  One of the major reasons for surgical removal of teeth is pericoronitis or infection of the soft tissues around a rotated wisdom molar resulting in severe pain, swelling and trismus. This occurs most commonly between 17 and 23 years of age. Infection occurs due to food debris lodging in the pocket formed between the second molar and third molar tooth

Which situation necessitates delay of tooth removal?
Dr. Moyer warrants delay in undergoing tooth extractions in case of severe local area infection around the teeth that need to be removed. This is due to the fact that local anesthetic solutions cannot penetrate and numb the infected areas due to low PH. Performing tooth extractions in these cases can cause severe discomfort and pain. You will be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers followed by rescheduling the appointment a few days later.

What will be done during the tooth removal procedure?
Dr. Moyer will assess the condition after taking a complete history and carrying out thorough clinical examination. A planned procedure will be explained and an informed consent will be taken. Extractions will be performed under profound local anesthesia in a painless manner. Post-operative instructions will be given and required medications will be prescribed. In case of multiple tooth extractions, general anesthesia administration in a hospital setting can be considered.

How is wisdom tooth removal different from simple extractions?
Simple tooth removal includes slight detachment of attached gingival from the tooth surface with a periosteal elevator following local anesthesia application. Forceps are then used to pull the tooth from its socket.

Wisdom molars are often rotated and stuck within bony tissue, necessitating complex procedures. Their removal involves making an incision with a surgical blade, followed by cutting and removal of required bone with the help of a bur in a surgical hand piece. Unlike simple extractions, wisdom molar surgery is followed by swelling of the area and requires special care and post operative medication for a week.

What instructions will Dr. Moyer give after removal of my tooth?
Dr. Moyer will advise you to:
•  Avoid hot drinks and spicy foods, especially soon after extraction when the area is still numb
•  Do not panic if little bleeding continues for a night
•  Avoid rinsing vigorously as it can dislodge the healing clot
•  Avoid sneezing or taking drinks with a straw
•  Keep your head higher for the first night using an extra pillow
•  If bleeding becomes profuse, bite on a pressure gauze or a wet tea bag and contact Dr. Moyer as soon as possible
•  Rest for at least a day

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10920 N Tatum Blvd #103
Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA

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