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Teeth Should Not Become Loose for No Reason As Adults

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Moyer Office
Teeth Should Not Become Loose for No Reason As AdultsBabies usually get their first teeth around six months old. They will continue to accumulate teeth until they are three years old. The cycle continues at about six years old when they start to lose their baby teeth. Most kids have lost their baby teeth by the time they are twelve. A full set of 32 adult teeth stays with you into adulthood and the rest of your life. You will not lose these teeth. These teeth should not become loose for any reason. If any of your adult teeth are loose, you need to contact our office. If you do not get your loose tooth looked at, you could lose that tooth and possibly some adjacent teeth as well.

Loose Teeth May Mean Something Else Could be Wrong

There are several reasons why your adult tooth may be loose. Perhaps you have had recent trauma to your mouth and one of your teeth was detached from the root. If this describes your situation, you should call us right away so we can professionally put your tooth back in place.

If you have a loose tooth and you have not had an injury, you may have gum disease. Most of the time, a loose tooth without an injury is a sign of advanced gum disease. If you have bad breath or painful gums along with a loose tooth it is most likely gum disease. The bad breath is indicative of a plethora of bacteria in your mouth and the painful gums could be contributing to your gum disease.

Give us a Call if You Have a Loose Tooth

Call us right away if you have a loose tooth. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss as well. Having good oral hygiene will help prevent loose teeth in the future.

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