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STD and Your Mouth

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Moyer Office
STD and Your MouthAlthough not all sexually transmitted diseases can be cured, we can manage them with medication. A dentist should be considered a vital member of your healthcare team since STDs affect our mouth.

Oral Warts Caused by HPV

In the mouth and throat, low-risk types of HPV can cause sores and warts. They are often asymptomatic, painless, and noncancerous; their only distinguishing feature is their outward look.


Cold sores and mouth lesions are frequent symptoms of herpes simplex virus type 1. Both HSV-1 and 2 types are very contagious and can spread rapidly through saliva and contact with open sores.

Blisters in the mouth are a common symptom of HSV-1. There is a great range of how they look. Colors include yellow, pink, red, gray, and transparent. They might cause discomfort when swallowing or eating after they explode.


Sores can form anywhere in the mouth, including the lips, the tip of the tongue, the gums, and the area behind the tonsils in the early stages of syphilis infection. Small red patches develop into larger, open wounds of varying shades of red, yellow, and gray. It hurts a lot and is highly contagious.

In its early stages, syphilis can be effectively treated because it is a bacterial infection. Your dentist might perform biopsies to help with diagnosis. In the event of a positive result, further evaluation and treatment would be coordinated with your primary care physician.


Your throat and mouth mucosa might become infected with the bacterial disease gonorrhea. Because of the subtlety of its symptoms, gonorrhea can be hard to diagnose. Throat pain or burning is the most typical symptom experienced by those with oral problems. The presence of white patches in the mouth and swollen glands are additional possible symptoms.

Consult your dentist and doctor if you have any concerns about your mouth or throat.

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