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Reasons to Worry if Your Gums Get Sore

Posted on 9/30/2017 by Moyer Office
 Sore Gums David R. Moyer, DDS AZ 85028-3097
Your oral hygiene plays a huge role in your overall health. Things that can happen in your mouth can lead to many other problems. Things that may not seem to be a problem right away.

Keeping a good relationship with your dentist along with good oral hygiene practices every day is the best way to keep major things from happening. Here are some reasons to start to worry about your teeth and gums.

Should You Worry About Sore Gums?

Your gums are what keeps everything in place. Sore gums mean something is going on and should be addressed. It is never too early to find out what's going on when it comes to your mouth. Sore gums could mean you're brushing with the wrong toothbrush or something is going on with one or more of your teeth.

Making sure your teeth are sitting properly where they're supposed to be is very important. Having teeth out of alignment can cause pain in your jaw, or cause other teeth to move, it can even cause sleep apnea. You might start feeling increased pain over time that could eventually lead to root canal or loss of teeth.

If sensitivity is something you're experiencing for more than a couple of days then I recommend you get in to see us. We have the tools to find out what causing it and fix it in no time. Even if it's just preventative maintenance, that's better than waiting where you have to spend a lot more time and money here. We want to see you keep your teeth as long as you can without pain or discomfort.

Making sure you feel good about yourself and physically feel well is all we can hope for. Let's get you in for a cleaning or quick fix today. Call our office and schedule an appointment. The worst thing that can happen is we fix the problem and send you back out feeling confident again.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 480.935.6295 today.

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