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What is Different About Tending to the Mouth of a Diabetic?

Posted on 2/25/2018 by Moyer Office
Diabetes David R. Moyer, DDS AZ 85028-3097When it comes to the mouth of a diabetic, their oral problems might be worse than they normally would be because of the diabetes.

However, problems happen more so when the person has diabetes that are not controlled and that might not be detected in the individual. Not having the proper oral care means that the diabetic might end up losing all of the teeth in their mouth.

Diabetes and Your Mouth

When it comes to having diabetes, this can cause the mouth to not have enough blood flow and circulation to keep the gums and teeth healthy.

Since this is something that can cause the person to lose their teeth, get more decay and a wide assortment of other issues, it is recommended that they do see a dentist and have regular oral cleanings. Not only that, but their oral hygiene should be kept up on to make sure that any build up is taken care of and not making problems worse.

Those that have diabetes and smoke are the most at risk because both of these issues can lead to further oral health issues. This is why those that have diabetes are strongly encouraged to stop smoking since this can also cause their health and diabetes to be at risk much more than if you were not a smoker. Reducing the chances of losing all of your teeth means managing your blood sugar levels and making sure to stop smoking.

Speak with us here regarding the cleaning you should be getting when it comes to having a healthier mouth. Our dental professionals understand the importance of having the best dental care when you are a diabetic. The dentists can provide you with the help you need when it comes to cleaning out your mouth and having a healthier smile overall.

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