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Beverages You Want as a Regular Part of Your Diet

Posted on 6/20/2018 by Moyer Office
Beverages David R. Moyer, DDS AZ 85028-3097Many people don't understand that what you drink has an effect on your teeth. It is easy to see the logic, albeit false - the liquid washes straight over the food and doesn't stick to the teeth.

Unfortunately, that isn't quite right, as drinks will still affect the surface of your teeth. To minimize effects, it is important to drink the right things, and these are the beverages you'll want to include in your diet.

Water is the ultimate beverage for oral - and overall - health. Sipping on water is one of the best things you can do for your mouth, as it offers many great benefits:

•  Strengthens the teeth. Drinking fluoride-containing water is one of the best things you can do to fight cavities. It strengthens the enamel to protect against cavities and decay.
•  Fights dry mouth. Water helps to keep the mouth lubricated, which washes away leftover food. When the mouth is too dry, bad breath can occur.
•  Cleans the mouth. Water helps to wash away cavity-causing bacteria before they have a chance to affect the enamel of your teeth. Water is also free from acid, so it will minimize the food source of any existing bacteria.

Plus, water is calorie-free, making it a healthy addition to any diet.

Other Teeth Friendly Beverages

While water is the best option, there are other drinks you can choose. Milk has low acidity, but the high calcium content is good to maintain healthy teeth. Green or herbal teeth is also low in acid, but because it contains plenty of antioxidants, it is a healthy alternative to water.

Do you have questions about how your diet might be affecting your teeth? Has it been a while since your last dental appointment? Contact us today to set up your next cleaning. We can recommend dietary changes that will improve the health of your mouth.

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