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Unknown Facts About Halitosis

Posted on 10/15/2018 by Moyer Office
Unknown Facts About HalitosisHalitosis. Bad breath. A horrible embarrassment. Whatever you call it, no one likes having breath that smells anything but fresh. There are a number of different reasons why you may have bad breath, some of which are more easily treated than others.

Unfortunately, halitosis is a fact of life, but some of the facts about it aren't as well-known as you might think. There are a few unknown facts about halitosis that might surprise you.

Bad Morning Breath Isn't Chronic or Unusual

If you have bad breath in the morning, it's not necessarily a sign that you have chronic halitosis or that something is wrong. In fact, morning breath is natural. Bad breath that doesn't recur often is also natural and not uncommon, especially if you've eaten certain foods or have forgotten to brush your teeth.

Morning breath affects everyone and is caused by your mouth drying out overnight while you sleep. This gives bacteria a chance to grow and cause more issues while there's less saliva to wash them away. Those who snore or breathe more through their mouths at night are likely to have worse morning breath than others.

Medication Can Cause Halitosis

Have you started taking a new medication and suddenly realized you have bad breath? Some medications do cause halitosis as a side effect, especially those that cause dry mouth.

Before you start a new medication, your doctor or pharmacist should go over all of the side effects with you. If you come in to talk about bad breath, we do ask that you bring us a list of any medications you're taking, so we can determine if one of them is the cause.

Halitosis Isn't a Medical Term

Many people are surprised to learn that halitosis isn't a term coined by a famous dentist or other medical professional. Instead, it's a word made up by the Listerine company to use on their mouthwash! It worked—sales increased after they created a medical-sounding term for bad breath.

If you're suffering from chronic bad breath, we can help. Call today to make an appointment so we can hunt down the cause and begin treating it.

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