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Options I Have for Numbing My Mouth

Posted on 11/15/2018 by Moyer Office
Options I Have for Numbing My MouthWhen you have any oral procedure, you have the option to ask for numbing of the area. Whether you are anxious about sitting on the chair for too long or we believe it's in your best interest, so you don't feel pain, we have several options to numb your mouth.

Why Sedation is Needed

We use sedation in dentistry primarily to put a patient at ease and allow him or her to relax so we can perform a treatment. In many cases, numbing your mouth is necessary to avoid pain during a procedure. Our objective is not to cause discomfort while treating your dental condition.

In other cases, a patient is so afraid of any dental procedure that some form of sedation is necessary so that we can take care of him or her. We use the minimum amount of medication needed to allow our dentist to complete the treatment successfully.

Options for Conscious Sedation in Dentistry

The most common method for conscious sedation we use in our office is a local anesthetic applied with an injection to the area that needs treatment.

Our medicine of choice is lidocaine, which lasts longer and prevents the patient from feeling pain during things like filling of cavities, root canals, or deep cleanings. Other medications combined with the lidocaine produce the desired effect and numb one side of your mouth.

Another method of relaxation we have available is laughing gas or nitrous oxide, which is administered by breathing into a small mask that feeds you the medicine to help you relax. Some practices have done away with using this method, but we find our patients like it better than other sedation dentistry methods, and it makes our lives easier when we can proceed with treatment with a relaxed patient. Ask us for more information on options to numb your mouth.

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