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Is Insomnia Damaging Your Teeth?

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Moyer Office
Is Insomnia Damaging Your Teeth?Insomnia does a lot more than just make you tired in the morning. It can cause a number of different diseases to progress. Without proper rest, your body can't repair itself, making you more likely to be sick and to develop issues such as diabetes. Insomnia also plays a part in damaging your teeth. What happens is that you fall into a cycle that includes insomnia, stress, and bruxism, or grinding your teeth.

Insomnia and Stress

When you don't get enough sleep, you may start to feel stressed out. You're tired, you're likely making more mistakes than normal, and you're grumpy. All of that increases your stress level. When you're stressed out, you're more likely to start grinding your teeth. Some people do this all the time, while others only do it when they're under extreme stress. Either way, it damages your teeth and can lead to gum disease and other issues.

Stress and Bruxism Then Feed Insomnia

Being under a lot of stress and grinding your teeth can then cause more insomnia. You may start experiencing toothaches from the grinding, making it harder to fall asleep. Of course, since you're now aching and not sleeping, your days are becoming more and more stressful. On top of feeling tired and unfocused, now you're in pain. That's putting even more stress upon you, which in turn is likely making it even harder to sleep at night. Now you're stuck in a vicious cycle that you've got to break out of.

We Can Help!
Fortunately, we can assist you with the bruxism. We can create a mouth guard based on a mold of your teeth that will help you stop grinding your teeth at night. We can also treat any damage you may have done to your teeth so you won't experience pain any longer. Once the pain is dealt with, you may be able to get a good night's sleep. Call today to schedule an appointment so you can get some rest!

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