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Signs You Have a Cavity Surrounding Your Filling

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Moyer Office
Signs You Have a Cavity Surrounding Your FillingYou may have had a cavity in the past that you had filled, and you thought the problem was all over. And it probably is. Every once in a while though, those pesky cavities come back in a tooth you thought was fixed.

While pain may be one sign of a cavity, it is not the only sign. Not sure what to watch for? Here are some signs that you may have a cavity in your mouth in a filling you already have.

What Happens When You Get a Filling

When a cavity is uncovered, a dentist drills out the area that the cavity has infected, and then uses a filing to seal the tooth to prevent future cavities. While the dentist both drills out as much of the infection as possible, and also works to seal every part of the tooth created by the cavity, there may be a microscopic part missed. Also, as you age, your filling ages too.

Over time, especially if you don't care for your teeth properly, acids caused by bacteria can eat away at the space between your filling and the tooth itself, creating gaps where cavities can form underneath the filling.

Signs You May Have A Cavity in Your Filling

There are signs you may have a cavity in your filling. The first indication you may have a cavity in your filling may be pain in the area of your filling. You may also notice that food is getting stuck in your tooth where it didn't get stuck previously. Also, you may see a crack or a hole near your filling that was not there previously. All of these signs point to a problem with an existing filling.

If you are worried you may have a cavity around or underneath your filling, why not give us a call? We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to discuss your teeth and determine whether or not you have fillings that need some extra attention.

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