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Never Eat Breakfast and Head Out Without Brushing Your Teeth!

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Moyer Office
Never Eat Breakfast and Head Out Without Brushing Your Teeth!We know. You've been hearing it for years. Brush your teeth once in the morning and once at night. But you're not sure.

Do you brush your teeth in the morning, even if you haven't eaten breakfast yet or do you brush them regardless and forget about brushing them after breakfast?

You know the general purpose of brushing your teeth at any time is to get your teeth clean from the food particles and acids left behind by what you eat. So, if you do not eat breakfast before you leave the house do you forgo brushing your teeth until you do eat breakfast? Do you brush them anyway to get rid of bacteria from the night? What do you do as a patient trying to maintain good oral health?

What Is the General Rule?
The general rule on tooth brushing is once in the morning. If you brush your teeth when you get up you will clean your teeth from the acids that built up during the night, you will stimulate saliva production and your breath will smell good. But then you'll eat breakfast and it will start all over, plus your breath will not be as fresh.

There is research that has shown that if you brush your teeth immediately after eating you may put hairline scratches in the enamel on your teeth from some of the acids left behind. That research recommends waiting 30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth to avoid the potential scratches.

For some people on a tight schedule that may be difficult to do. If possible, we sometimes recommend changing the order of how things are done in the morning. For example, you could eat breakfast, then take a shower rather than the reverse. While you shower, that time is being eaten from the clock. When you are finished it should be time to brush.

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