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How Sugarfree Gum Can Improve Your Oral Health Between Meals

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Moyer Office
How Sugarfree Gum Can Improve Your Oral Health Between MealsIn ancient times people used to use various types of tree saps to chew on for flavor and to lengthen the time needed between drinks. Even ancient peoples knew the benefits and need to produce saliva in the mouth. The tradition of chewing gum like substances goes back many thousands of years.

The Native Americans would chew on sap from spruce trees, the ancient Greeks from the mastic tree, and the Mayans from the sapodilla tree, this is where we get the word chiclet. Modern gum is a mixture of synthetic products, but the principle is the same. Chewing gum is delicious and it gets those salivary glands running into overdrive.

How Chewing Gum Between Meals Helps

Chewing gum with sugar still gets the salivary glands running, but it is counterproductive as the sugars can be metabolized by bacteria and end up leading to tooth decay. Sugarfree gum, on the other hand, gets the saliva flow at optimal levels to help wash away food particles, bacteria, and acids in the mouth. Chewing between meals can be a great way to clean teeth and freshen breath. Studies have shown that people who use sugarfree gum between meals have significantly fewer cavities than those who do not chew.

Sugarfree chewing gum has earned the seal of approval from the American Dental Association and has time and time again shown to be an effective way to clean teeth and strengthen gums. Next time you are reaching for a pack of gum look for the one stamped with the seal from the ADA. Then you know for sure that the gum has met the strict standards set forth and will be effective at cleaning those teeth.

If you would like more information about chewing sugarfree gum and which brands are the best call our office. We could schedule a consultation where all your questions can be answered by our dental professionals. Also, we will give recommendations about what kinds of gum can help your oral hygiene routine.

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