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Why You Need to Call Us if Your Teeth Begin to Shift

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Moyer Office
Why You Need to Call Us if Your Teeth Begin to ShiftChanges in the bite can cause shifting teeth. Having dental or orthodontic work done can change the bite, as can natural processes, such as grinding teeth, or chewing on one side. Trauma to the jaw or teeth, and even dental work like having a cavity filled can change the way you bite.

As a result, teeth can loosen slightly over time, making room for teeth to move. When you have orthodontic work, like braces, it is important to continue wearing a retainer in order to slow down shifting teeth. This is the most common reason for teeth shifting quickly.

Natural Causes

Another natural process that can cause tooth shifting is known as “tongue thrust”. This is the habit of pressing the tongue against the upper and lower teeth when swallowing, or even when you believe your jaw is at-rest. The pressure caused by the tongue on the backs of the teeth can slowly, but surely, pry the teeth apart.

The mandible continues to grow throughout our lifetimes, primarily taking a forward trajectory. This results in dental crowding at the front of the mouth. “Crowding” is the term used when teeth begin to overfill an area. When your teeth shift due to mandibular growth, they crowd and can cause small cracks, and extra plaque build-up.

Although the aforementioned reasons are not necessarily cause for concern, it is important to visit us if your teeth are shifting, as it could indicate a more serious problem. Periodontal disease is also a cause of shifting teeth and is very serious. This disease can be a result of genetics, or poor oral hygiene, and wreaks havoc on teeth and gums. The effects of periodontal disease and the disease itself can be preventable. If your teeth are shifting, make sure to give us a call. We can help you maintain your healthiest smile.

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