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Do Teeth Actually Rot Out?

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Moyer Office
Do Teeth Actually Rot Out?
Teeth can get into unfortunate states if oral hygiene is not practiced. Cavities, worn enamel, extreme yellowing, and tartar are common examples of the consequences of neglect. But how bad can it actually get? Can teeth get in such a bad state that they actually rot and fall out? Not exactly, but there is more to it.

What Happens To Teeth Left To Rot?

Rotting teeth are a result of failure to take care of oral hygiene, there are 6 known stages for a rotting tooth that get more extreme as the process continues. The first stage of tooth decay will show white spots that lead to the enamel being worn down. The second stage is when the enamel starts dissolving away entirely, past this point, the enamel is not able to be recovered.

The third stage is when things start getting severe. This is when the dentin starts to decay and at this point, this is when a cavity will start to form. The fourth stage is when bacteria are allowed to infect the pulp, at this stage the nerves contained in the pulp starts to die. The fifth stage is known as abscess formation. The root gets infected causing unbearable pain. At the sixth and final stage, the tooth has died and is unrecoverable. The tooth does not fall out on its own, however. It is instead extracted.

What To Do In Early Signs Of Tooth Decay

If you are experiencing early signs of tooth decay, it needs to be taken care of immediately to avoid the problem getting worse. If you are able to catch the problem in the first stage of tooth decay, the tooth can be restored before the enamel is destroyed entirely.

You can actually reverse the decaying process with our help to harden the enamel. Give us a call to schedule an appointment if you require further treatment.

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