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What to Do if Your Wisdom Teeth Hurt

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Moyer Office
What to Do if Your Wisdom Teeth HurtWisdom tooth pain is a common symptom that is felt by many teenagers and adults in their lifetime. Because wisdom teeth emerge when our oral cavity is fully developed, it means there is often no room for them within the dental arches. This can cause the wisdom teeth to come out at awkward angles and rub against neighboring teeth. Luckily, there are different treatments available to alleviate the pain.

Wisdom Tooth Assessment

Firstly, the best action you can take when feeling persistent wisdom teeth pain is to contact our office. We can set you up an appointment with one of our dentists, who can investigate the cause of your wisdom tooth pain. There are, usually, two options; the first one is to leave the tooth alone. If the pain is not significant, and the dentist cannot identify any repercussions to leaving the tooth as it is, then they may advise allowing it to remain within the mouth. Wisdom tooth pain can sometimes completely go away, once the tooth has fully developed, and can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs in the meantime.

However, if pain is significant, persistent, and the dentist can clearly see the wisdom tooth will be a constant issue, then the removal of the tooth will be advised. This involves a routine procedure, in which the patient will go under local anesthesia, will we gently remove the tooth from its socket. It usually takes 20 minutes and requires the patient to rest for the next 24-48 hours. Tenderness and fatigue are sometimes felt afterwards, along with some pain as the gum heals.

It is best to have one of our team have a look at your wisdom tooth, if it is causing pain, so we can assess the best solution for your case. Wisdom tooth removal is a routine procedure, and our team can talk you through any concerns you may have.

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