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Do Lighter Drinks Stain Your Teeth Less?

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Moyer Office
Do Lighter Drinks Stain Your Teeth Less?If you enjoy a coffee cup in the morning, but wonder if it is staining your teeth, it is important to know that it can so you can protect your smile. Maybe you are a tea or soda drinker with the same concern. Let us take a look at what causes stains on the teeth and what we can do to eliminate them.

What Causes Stains on Teeth?

Several things cause stains on teeth; it is not just dark drinks. Black tea is more likely to cause stains than coffee; the darker the tea, the darker the stain. That does not mean that drinking tea with milk will stop stains. However, it can decrease the likelihood. Milk is good for the teeth as it promotes healthy bones, but it contains lactose, which is sugar and is bad for your teeth if you have too much.

Bright colored sauces are also likely to cause stains on your teeth. Drinking wine can also cause stains on your teeth. This is true about all colors of wine since they are all acidic and can damage your enamel. Unsurprisingly drinking soda will also cause stains; this is because of the acid and dyes used.

What Can You Do to Prevent or Remove Stains?

You can always stop eating and drinking the foods listed above to prevent stains, but where is the fun in that? The best thing to do is to stop by our office and get the care and attention you need! The key to stain-free teeth is keeping up on your oral care; daily flossing and brushing make a huge difference, especially when combined with regular visits to our office.

If you are worried about stains and want to find the best way to prevent and avoid them altogether, give us a call. We guarantee the best care around and will help you maintain the smile you are looking for. We pride ourselves on outstanding care and excellent customer service.

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