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Oral Healthcare Tips for Millennials

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Moyer Office
Oral Healthcare Tips for MillennialsOur dental healthcare requirements change as we age, and while each individual's needs are unique, we can divide them by generation. At one point, baby boomers made the largest population cohort in the United States. However, the spot is now occupied by millennials.

Millennials lead a very different lifestyle than that of the boomers. They lead very fast-paced lives, and unfortunately, that also signifies higher stress levels and other more serious oral health issues.

Oral Health Risks for Millennials

The millennial lifestyle leaves them susceptible to two major oral health issues.

•  Stress-related oral issues – including bruxism
•  Gum disease – because of poor lifestyle and nutrition

Stress-Related Health Problems

We know our body is interconnected, and stress is a slow poison for the human body. It not only leaves one susceptible to heart diseases and other chronic illnesses but can also destroy our oral and dental health. In particular, stress can aggravate bruxism or teeth grinding habits among millennials, especially at night.

Teeth grinding impacts teeth, resulting in uneven wear and damage, and lead to Temporomandibular joint disorder. Over more, it also damages your cheeks and neck muscles causing them to stiffen up because of the constant stress on the muscles. You may also experience regular headaches, pain in your teeth and jaw.

Gum Diseases

Gum disease is most common in millennials, though it can strike at any age. There are several reasons why one may develop gum disease, but poor oral hygiene, poor nutrition and a busy lifestyle that leads to millennials missing dental appointments are just some of them.

We suggest you try to identify the onset of periodontitis, gum disease, early on when it has just started to develop. If you notice inflammation in your gums, gum bleeding and a bad odor in your mouth, you have gingivitis, which can be an indication of the onset of gum disease.

You can prevent oral health issues by following a good oral healthcare routine and ensuring you keep up with your dental appointments.

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