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CEREC Crown Benefits

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Moyer Office
CEREC Crown BenefitsCEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This is a brand new method that allows us to offer 24-hour restorations for your teeth. Using this process, you don't have to wait for the restoration period to get over before getting your crown fitted. We used advanced computer-aided design to make the perfect CEREC crown for you.

You don't have to worry about the color and shade of the crown. It will perfectly match your natural tooth color. These crowns are also durable and offer many advantages.

Minimally Invasive

Thanks to modern technological advancements, you don't have to bite into pink putty for us to get tooth impressions. Instead, we take a slim camera to take pictures of your teeth and gums. This improvement comes as a relief for people who have an easily triggered gag reflex. Once we get the pictures, we begin making customized crowns for you.

Advantages of CEREC Crowns

There are several benefits to this method. For starters, it is a precise technique that details the area accurately to construct the crown. This helps you get a natural-looking crown. Another major benefit of a CEREC crown is it is fitted in a single appointment. You will be able to see us design your new crown in front of you and you can admire it before we place it in your mouth.

Lastly, there is no need to worry about a temporary crown that is uncomfortable to handle. These temporary crowns are made of low-quality materials and they tend to come off even before your permanent crown is ready. People often spend more time wondering whether they will be able to handle the temporary crown in their mouths. If you are in urgent need of a tooth replacement or you need a crown, visit us right away.

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