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How to Floss Your Teeth with Braces

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Moyer Office
How to Floss Your Teeth with BracesFlossing is an integral aspect of dental health and hygiene, but if you have braces, it can become quite a challenge.

However, know that you need to floss your teeth in any case, even with braces. You need not worry, though, because there's a certain way to floss your teeth if you have braces. You might find the technique a little tricky in the start, but after a few tries, you are likely to get the hang of it.

Cut the Floss

The first thing you need to do is use waxed floss since unwaxed floss has a tendency to get caught in the braces. Cut an 18 or 14-inch piece of the floss.

Thread It Carefully

Thread the floss carefully under the main wire between the teeth and the wire. It's best to do this in front of the mirror so that you are able to see better and get a clear view.

Gentle Up-Down Movement

Wrap the ends of it around your index fingers and move the floss in an up-down movement very gently. Make sure that you don't end up snapping it. Move on to the next pair of teeth and then repeat the process. Before you pass the floss between two teeth, thread it under the main wire carefully.

Unthread the Floss

Once you are done, remove the floss by gently unthreading it from under the main wire of your braces. Do it carefully because you might knock the wire by accident if you are too rough or quick.

If you are experiencing issues with your braces or finding it hard to floss your teeth, contact us at David R. Moyer, DDS where Dr. Moyer and will help you with it and suggest the right techniques to floss your teeth with braces.

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