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Why We Need to See You After Your Baby is Born

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Moyer Office
Why We Need to See You After Your Baby is BornHaving a baby is a wonderful time in your life. New experiences, including sleepless nights and endless visitors, can put you at risk for tooth decay as you snack and socialize around the clock. A new baby is a lot to handle, but make sure that you prioritize your own physical health. We need to see you after your baby is born so we can help your oral hygiene continue to flourish along with the rest of your life.

Self Care After the Baby is Born

It is important for the mother to stay healthy and to nurture her own physical health. In doing so, you will bless your baby. The most important thing you can do is continue to brush and floss your teeth. Set a reminder or alarm on your phone to brush your teeth. Fortunately, brushing your teeth is a quick and easy activity, and you can do so while holding your baby.

Another thing you can do is choose to eat healthy foods. If you eat healthy for yourself and your baby, you will be eating healthy for your teeth and gums as well. Ask your friends or relatives to stock your refrigerator with healthy food, including fresh produce and clean protein.

Do Not Neglect to Visit Our Office

We realize it can be a challenge to leave the house with your newborn. However, keeping your dental appointments are a priority as tooth decay can happen even if you are not symptomatic. Don't forget to tell us if you are nursing, as this can affect how we treat any potential dental issues. We are a baby-friendly dental office, and we don't mind if you bring the baby with you. In fact, we are waiting to congratulate you!

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