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What Happens if You Brush Too Roughly?

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Moyer Office
What Happens if You Brush Too Roughly?When it comes to keeping your teeth clean, brushing is very important. By brushing, you get rid of stuck food particles and bacteria that could lead to infections. While brushing is ideal for good oral health, brushing too hard and roughly can have adverse effects. There are several oral conditions associated with aggressive brushing. Knowing some of these conditions will help you understand the importance of brushing softly and gently. Read on.

Gum Recession

Your gums could recede when you brush too hard. This is because it makes the gum tissue shrink. Gum recession is a serious oral condition that will affect your smile significantly. It exposes too much of your teeth, making them appear bigger than usual.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is another common effect of brushing too hard. Your tooth is covered by a tough tissue known as the enamel. The enamel protects the underlying dentin and nerves from exposure. However, when you brush too hard and aggressively, you wear down the enamel. As a result, the dentin is exposed. This will lead to tooth sensitivity when you drink hot or cold beverages. It is important to book an appointment with our offices for treatment immediately you notice signs of tooth sensitivity.

Oral Infections

If you have damaged enamel due to brushing your teeth too hard, it increases the chances of oral infections. This is because bacteria will easily enter your teeth and cause oral infections, resulting in conditions like tooth decay and cavities. These conditions are dangerous and could lead to tooth loss. This is why it is important to avoid brushing too hard.

Tooth Staining

While brushing helps prevent dental stains, bushing too hard can cause them to stain. This happens when the yellowish dentin beneath the enamel is exposed. In turn, your teeth, including the front teeth, could turn yellowish, affecting your smile. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on the effects of brushing too hard.

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