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Tips To Protect Your Oral Health At Home

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Moyer Office
Tips To Protect Your Oral Health At HomeKeeping healthy pearly whites and gums starts with you. The at-home daily flossing and brushing go a long way in maintaining a healthy smile. When coupled with regular visits for cleanings and exams in a dental office, you are able to stamp out many oral issues like decay, gum infection, or pulp infection. Besides flossing and brushing, there are various things you can do to protect your oral health at home.

Eat Teeth-Friendly Foods

Foods with high calcium amounts like low-fat cheese, plain yogurt, low-fat milk, and leafy greens offer nourishment for healthy teeth. Also, food with a high amount of protein such as fish, meat, eggs, and poultry may help offer protection to the hard outer proactive layer of the teeth, referred to as the enamel. Protein-rich foods improve bone density, thus helping prevent cavities and decay. Fruits and vegetables with high water content and fiber help stimulate saliva, allowing for natural cleansing of the teeth. These fruits and veggies also neutralize acids and help prevent decay. They provide a good way of balancing out the sugar you consume from other foods.

Wash Hands Regularly

The CDC recommends washing hands for about 20 seconds before you brush and floss. This way, you avert cross-contamination. You can use wax paper or Q-tip to pick the toothpaste from the tube or container onto the bristle. If you share the toothpaste tube, it is imperative you avoid touching your bristles to the tube's tip.

Clean your Toothbrush

Once you are done brushing, give your brush a quick wipe within the handle using a safe disinfectant. Soaking the bristles for about 30 seconds in an antibacterial solution or hydrogen peroxide solution helps kill germs and microbes. Store your toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss separately from others in the family to prevent cross-contamination.

Never Share a Toothbrush

You should never share your toothbrush. Adults may be aware of this, but kids sometimes mistakenly use the wrong toothbrush. You can use color-coded toothbrushes to avoid confusion. Replace the toothbrush if the bristles get frayed or worn out or after three to four months. Contact us today if you want to learn more about at-home oral hygiene.

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