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Fluoride and Tooth Decay Prevention

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Moyer Office
Fluoride and Tooth Decay PreventionFluoride, optimal brushing, and maintaining good hygiene are essential to promote good oral health and prevent decay. Tooth decay is a loss of dental tissue produced by demineralization associated with the metabolic action of bacterial plaque at the affected site.

Tooth decay corresponds to a dissolution of dental tissue due to an acid attack produced by bacterial metabolism (of sugar on the affected site. However, other factors that lead to this dental problem include the passage of time, diet, patient hygiene, and quantity and quality of saliva. However, the dentist may use Fluoride to prevent tooth decay since it acts as a remineralizing agent and inhibits demineralization.

Fluoride Application in Tooth Decay Prevention

The action of Fluoride is quite topical since it provides the rinsing ability on the already damaged or erupted teeth. However, the use of Fluoride in children below the age of six years is not recommended since they can ingest it directly.

Fluoride is placed in the dental tissues that have developed decay and may produce white spots on the teeth enamel, known as fluorosis. Moreover, a high concentration of Fluoride in the mouth causes high incorporation into the enamel of the decayed tooth hence forming an acid-resistant tissue that acts as a barrier to the development of caries lesions in the future.

In addition, Fluoride has an antibacterial effect on the microorganisms that causes tooth decay and avoids demineralization of the teeth enamel, an essential element in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Moreover, in preventing tooth decay, using products rich in Fluoride is critical in achieving prevention. Mouthwashes, gels, and kinds of toothpaste that have a significant amount of gel are an excellent necessity to prevent tooth decay since they act efficiently topically without being ingested. In conclusion, tooth brushing and flossing with products that are rich in fluoride elements can help in the prevention of tooth decay.

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