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Benefits of Dental X-Rays

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Moyer Office
Benefits of Dental X-RaysExaminations are part of dental appointments. This may include X-rays, especially if you are experiencing a toothache. However, radiation exposure is a major concern for many people. Dental X-rays can indeed expose you to radiation. Nevertheless, the amount of radiation exposure is extremely low. This means that even kids or pregnant women can have dental X-rays. The American Dental Association also approves that the amount of radiation for obtaining dental radiographs is very small.

What Makes Dental X-Rays Important?

Some oral issues are not visible. For instance, a tumor or decay under a filling is undetectable with the naked eye. However, dental X-rays will give the dentist a whole picture of the condition of your mouth. An X-ray can help to detect early oral issues so that treatment can begin before the condition progresses.

A dentist may also suggest an X-ray after a dental procedure. This helps to track the healing process and spot issues that might arise. Additionally, tooth decay is a common dental issue that does not show physical signs during the early stages. In this case, the dentist may recommend dental X-rays to find whether you have tooth decay. When detected early, many inexpensive treatment options may be available.

How Often Should You Have An X-Ray?

How often to get an X-ray varies from person to person. However, a dentist may suggest an X-ray at your annual or bi-annual dental appointment. A dentist can also recommend an X-ray if you have signs of periodontal illness or other oral issues. This helps them to determine the affected region and the severity of the condition before creating a treatment plan.

Besides, if you have any dental procedures such as filling, dental implants, or bridges, an X-ray is vital to ensure they are in good condition. Our professionals will provide you with more information about dental X-rays.

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