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Paradise Valley Dental Emergency
Phoenix, AZ

Bright red emergency sign in Paradise Valley, AZ

What is considered a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies include a number of unexpected problems related to the teeth or surrounding soft tissues.

These include:
•  Severe toothache
•  Trauma causing a tooth to become loose or fully knocked out from its socket
•  Tooth fractures or chipped edges
•  Bleeding
•  Swelling

These accidents may occur after hours, when the office is normally closed, which is why some dental experts offer emergency dental treatment services to professionally address the problems and prevent complications. Delay in seeking professional dental attention can lead to permanent, irreversible damage.

Do all dentists offer emergency dental care services?

No, not all dentists offer emergency dental care services which is why it is important to have contact details of clinics that remain open round the clock in your proximity. You can contact our office at 480.935.6295 for a dental emergency.

What should I do if a tooth is knocked out?

In case of tooth dislodgment from the socket or fractures, it is important to bring the tooth, or tooth fragment to the clinic as well. The tooth must be carried immersed in milk, water, or the patient's own saliva in a secure container.

Are emergency dental procedures expensive?

The cost of a treatment depends upon the nature of emergency experienced by a patient, and the extent of dental/soft tissue damage it has caused. Certain emergencies such as trauma and accidents may require invasive surgical intervention, in which case they are more expensive compared to emergencies only involving bleeding from a mild cut on the soft tissues.

What happens during an emergency visit to the dental clinic?

During an emergency visit to the dental clinic, the affected area is first cleaned to remove any harmful bacteria or contaminants for the effective prevention of infections. In case of bleeding, pressure and cold compression are applied to the area to reduce or control the flow. Digital x-rays may be taken to evaluate any damage to the surrounding bone, adjacent teeth, roots, or gums that may have occurred as a result of the accident. An emergency treatment plan is then charted to prevent complications, restore aesthetics, functionality, reduce pain, bleeding, and swelling.

Emergency Dental Care in Paradise Valley, Phoenix

At David R. Moyer, DDS, we offer outstanding, ultra-efficient emergency dental care services at our state of the art clinic. Emergency dental care services are available to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dr. Moyer also offers professional assistance over the phone in case patients are unable to visit the clinic. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, the team provides complete resolution of the issue, restoring the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth to prevent complications or permanent damage.

Call now at 480.935.6295 to learn more about our complete range of restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dental services in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Monday: 8am - 12pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 8am - 6pm
(Lunch hour from 12pm - 2pm)

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