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Denture Reline
Paradise Valley, AZ

Older woman holding her face and smiling after receiving a denture reline in Paradise Valley, AZ
Dentures are good solutions for replacing missing teeth. While they are designed to last long, they may become loose and not fit comfortably as before. In this case, you may need a denture reline.

At David R. Moyer, DDS, we will help to adjust your dentures to fit securely as your gum tissue and jawbone change. This will make activities such as talking and eating easier.

What is a Denture Reline?

A denture reline is a dental procedure that adjusts the inside surface of the base of dentures to correct their fit. When you lose your natural teeth, the appearance of your mouth and jaw changes. In this event, you may opt for dentures, which work by mimicking your natural teeth.

While dentures help improve your eating, speaking, and smile, bone loss still occurs. This can result in shrinkage of your oral tissues, making the dentures become loose. The only way to ensure a comfortable fit is through a denture reline. A denture reline helps to prevent oral issues caused by ill-fitting dentures.

For instance, loose dentures can lower the wearer's confidence and cause fear of dislodgement when eating. Besides, loose dentures can break due to pressure from eating and biting. Our denture experts will help to reline your dentures to promote speaking and eating and ensure your dentures last longer. Our Paradise Valley dentist may recommend a soft reline, a hard reline, or a temporary reline, depending on your oral needs.

What is a Soft Reline for Dentures?

A soft reline for dentures involves artificial soft and cushioned materials placed between the denture's base and the mouth tissue. This liner for dentures acts as a shock absorber to increase comfort.

In most cases, the dentist may recommend a soft reline for dentures for patients with flat gum tissues or tender gums that are likely to develop sore spots. Soft liners for dentures are smooth and flexible, so there will be little chance of irritation occurring. With good care and maintenance, your permanent soft liner for dentures can last up to two years.

What is a Hard Reline for Dentures?

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution for relining your dentures? Hard recliners for dentures are a good option. This process of relining the dentures may involve several dental appointments. First, the dentist removes some plastic materials from the inside of the dentures. Then, putty will be placed on any area that is in contact with the gum tissues.

Once the putty hardens to a rubbery consistency, the dentist places the dentures with putty on the patient’s gums. This helps to create impressions of the exact shape and size of the gums. The dentist will then replace the putty with acyclic, which is added to the tissue side of the denture. Hard reline dentures can be a good option if your dentures are loose and are causing difficulties when eating and chewing.

What is a Temporary Reline for Dentures?

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to oral issues such as swollen gums or gum inflammation, which can cause problems when placing a long-term reline. In this case, a dentist may recommend a temporary reline.

Temporary reline involves placing medicated materials between your gums and dentures to reduce soreness and inflammation of your gums. This reline for dentures is meant to last for only a few weeks to allow healing. After healing, the dentist may suggest a permanent solution. It may be a soft reline denture or a hard reline denture.

What is the Difference Between a Soft Reline Denture and a Hard Reline Denture?

The main difference between soft liners for dentures and hard reline dentures is the material used and how long you want your lining of dentures to last. As the name suggests, soft reline denture uses soft materials, which are made of silicone or acrylic resins. These materials are elastic and act as shock absorbers. In this case, the main goal of a soft liner is to improve the comfort of your dentures.

On the other hand, a hard reline denture involves hard resins such as polymethyl methacrylate. These materials are designed to last longer and provide great rigidity. In most cases, the dentist may suggest hard denture reline every two years if you have complete dentures. This ensures good contact between your gums and dentures.

Signs That You Need a Denture Reline

Dentures can last for up to 10 years. However, the dentures will likely become loose due to normal wear and tear. As you age, the size of your jawbone changes, making the dentures become loose. In this case, you can consider having the dentures relined or replacing them. Relining dentures is a more affordable procedure that can make them last longer.

Change in speech is the first sign that it is time to consult a dentist for denture relining. While you might have issues with speech as a first-time wearer of dentures, the problem goes away after you are used to them. However, when the issue of speaking comes again, chances are your mouth has outgrown your dentures. This makes the dentures slip, making it hard to speak. In this case, consulting us for a denture reline may help.

Another sign that it is time to have a reline for dentures is oral sores. When your dentures slip, you may adopt the habit of adjusting them. However, these ill-fitting dentures can lead to oral sores. When left untreated, oral soreness can result in swollen gums or bad breath.

If you notice changes in denture fit, you will likely need some adjustments.

Ensuring a correct fit is an excellent way to eliminate any pain and soreness. However, it is advisable not to try reshaping the dentures by yourself as this may destroy them. Instead, visit us for denture reline.

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If your dentures feel uncomfortable or do not fit securely, it is time to visit a dentist before it worsens. Our dentist at David R. Moyer, DDS will help to reline them. For more information about relines for dentures, contact us at 480.935.6295.

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