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Front Tooth Crown
Paradise Valley

Dental technician working on a front tooth crown at David R. Moyer, DDS in Paradise Valley, AZDental crowns are one of the most common teeth replacement options.

If you have lost a front tooth, our experts at David R. Moyer, DDS recommend dental crowns as an ideal replacement option.

These oral appliances are shaped just like natural teeth and will help restore your smile. While you might be aware of traditional dental implants, you might not know much about front teeth crowns.

What is a Front Tooth Crown?

A front tooth crown is a form of artificial tooth that helps protect your partially damaged tooth.
Front tooth crowns have unique features that make them distinct from other crowns.

For instance, they are made from porcelain to look like natural teeth. They are also around 2mm thick to make them look exactly like your front teeth.

When you lose part of the natural front tooth, we use a front tooth crown to cover and protect the remaining base. This makes the tooth look natural and restores your smile.

There are many causes of tooth damage. For instance, you can be involved in an accident that breaks one of your front teeth. You can also suffer from tooth decay or gum disease that will have the same effects on your teeth.

In such cases, the damaged tooth will need reinforcement and protection lest it falls out completely. The best solution to this problem is front tooth crowns.

They offer a permanent solution to your damaged tooth, and you can smile confidently. Dental crowns protect your teeth against bacteria intrusion and will ensure they function normally again.

What is the Front Tooth Crown Procedure?

Most of our patients wonder what entails a front tooth crown procedure. Fixing a front tooth implant crown in your mouth doesn't take much time.

It is essential to know that the front tooth crown procedure is the same regardless of the material.

Generally, it takes two visits to complete the procedure. On the first visit, our experts will examine your teeth thoroughly to ensure they can support the dental crown and that there is no risk of failure.

The affected tooth must have sufficient structure to keep the crown in position. We will also ensure that the tooth roots are healthy and don't have any underlying oral conditions.

All of these factors must be checked before we place the dental crown on your front tooth. If the affected tooth has been significantly damaged by tooth decay, we will perform root canal procedures to eliminate excessive decay.

This helps improve its condition before placing the crown.

Before starting, we will outline the whole process and explain it to you.
To prepare your tooth for placement, we will remove the fractured, cracked, and damaged natural tooth and make a healthy base for the front tooth crown.

This ensures that the crown looks just like your natural tooth.

Since we remove the affected tooth, a front tooth dental crown is considered a permanent dental restoration.

People will see the crown, not the damaged tooth, as it will always be covered. With the crown designed to look like surrounding teeth, people will hardly notice you are wearing one.

Once the base is ready, we will use advanced technology to take an impression of the area and create a temporary crown. This will give you something to wear while waiting for the permanent crown to be crafted.

Once your permanent crown is ready, we will get rid of the temporary one and affix the new permanent crown.

A block of dental cement will be used to keep the crown in position firmly. This allows you to use the crown without fear of causing damage.

The last step is checking to ensure there is a color match, a comfortable fit, and the perfect shape. Our experts will also check to ensure the bite is correct and you have no problems chewing.

If there is a problem with any of these features, we will make minor adjustments to get them right. All of these changes will be made on the second visit.

After we ensure everything is working fine, it will be time to get used to them. It might take a few days for you to adjust to using a front tooth crown. A few weeks of using them will see you adapt to them permanently.

What Types of Dental Crowns Are Ideal for Front Teeth?

There are different types of crowns that can be used on your front teeth. Given these crowns will be on your front teeth, you will want them to look as natural as possible.

Even though all crowns are matched closely with your natural teeth, their reflecting properties make them an ideal choice for your front teeth.

Our experts recommend different types of crowns to suit your smile. For instance, the layered zirconia crowns will give you superior light reflection compared to solid zirconia crowns.

They also guarantee a more natural look for your front teeth and restore your smile sufficiently.

Another reason we recommend layered zirconia crowns is that they last long.
You don't have to replace them regularly due to damage.

Another great option is ceramic crowns. These front teeth dental crowns have unique features that make them ideal for your smile.

Like zirconia crowns, ceramic crowns have excellent light-reflecting properties that brighten your smile.

Thankfully, we have an experienced team of experts that can custom craft your crown. We will craft the best possible match for your tooth and help restore your smile.

Some of our patients wonder what the difference is between ceramic crowns and zirconia crowns. The only difference between them is that the former is much more affordable than the latter.

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Oral health is essential for your well-being. Front tooth crowns will protect your teeth and prevent them from possible damage. Our experts at David R. Moyer, DDS are ready to apply the crowns and protect your teeth.

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