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Immediate Dentures
Paradise Valley, AZ

Older woman smiling after receiving immediate dentures in Paradise Valley, AZSevere tooth decay and gum disease will often lead to teeth that need to be removed. While this is necessary to save other teeth or promote good oral health it can be devastating to a person's self confidence.

Fortunately there are ways to get the oral care you need. If you are losing some or all of your teeth, dentures are going to be the best way to look and feel your best. However, having a set of complete dentures custom made can take six months or more. This is why some will opt for immediate dentures also known as temporary dentures.

If you are considering immediate dentures, be sure to reach out to our Paradise Valley dentist at David R. Moyer, DDS to schedule a consultation and get your questions answered today!

What Is An Immediate Denture?

Immediate dentures go by a few names such as temporary dentures, same day dentures, and partial dentures. If you lose one or more teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or a variety of other reasons you can replace these teeth with dentures.

Dentures are a set of removable teeth we can make that are made to look just like natural teeth. However, once our dentist removes your teeth it can take six to eight months to create your custom permanent dentures. While waiting on permanent dentures many will opt for a set of immediate dentures in the meantime.

Why Are They Called Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are just that, immediate, same day dentures. You will oftentimes go home wearing these after a full or partial extraction. The main difference between an immediate denture and permanent denture is that the immediate dentures are temporary dentures.

Immediate dentures are not custom fitted to your mouth like permanent dentures are. This means that more often than not they don't always fit properly, leading to discomfort and more frequent maintenance. Despite this most patients will wear these for the first several months after tooth extraction. By doing this they will have teeth while awaiting their custom made permanent dentures. An added benefit of immediate dentures is they help to protect the soft tissues of your mouth as it heals from the extraction procedure.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Immediate Dentures?

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

•  You will receive same day dentures on the same day as your extraction.
•  After a full mouth extraction with immediate dentures they immediately fill gaps in your mouth.
•  They help to protect your gums and soft tissues during the healing process and minimize gum bleeding.

Drawbacks of Immediate Dentures

•  Immediate dentures will periodically need to be relined and adjusted for comfort. Relining adds or removes material from the temporary denture to account for changes in your mouth due to the healing process.
•  They are not custom fitted to your mouth. This means the fit is not as flawless as permanent dentures causing them to move or slip a bit and you might experience irritation or soreness as your mouth adjusts to the dentures.
•  They are not as sharp or strong as permanent dentures so they do not feel like natural teeth. This can also make chewing harder for some.
•  You need to wear them for about six to eight months or until your permanent dentures are complete.
•  Before a tooth extraction you are unable to try them on
•  Jawbone shrinkage can happen to some folks after an extraction. This would mean that we will have to periodically realign and adjust your immediate dentures for optimal comfort.
•  Immediate dentures can trigger gag reflexes in some people. Temporary dentures are not custom-fitted like permanent dentures and can move around more easily and touch the back of your mouth triggering a gag reflex.


What is the Care Like One Week After Immediate Dentures?

For the first week, remove the immediate dentures only to clean and care for them. Promptly place them back in your mouth as leaving them out for too long can result in increased swelling and inability to reinsert the dentures.

When Can I Sleep Without My Immediate Dentures?

After the first week you can begin removing your dentures at night. It is very important to remove your immediate dentures at night so your gums and jaw have time to rest, for four to eight hours each day. This helps to prevent infection, irritation, and bone shrinkage.

Can Immediate Dentures Be Permanent?

Immediate dentures are not intended to replace permanent dentures. They are only intended as a temporary solution for lost teeth. An immediate denture is only made to provide a functional replacement while awaiting the completion of permanent dentures.

Am I a Good Candidate for Immediate Dentures?

After a tooth extraction or full mouth extraction it is not necessary or required to get an immediate denture. If you are only removing one or a few teeth on the sides of your mouth, then there is a good chance it would be unnoticeable. Additionally, cost can be an issue for some patients and you may want to save money for the permanent dentures. For these reasons the decision to get immediate dentures is more often than not one of personal choice based on the pros and cons and overall cost of the treatment.

On the other hand, when it comes to a full mouth extraction we will likely suggest temporary dentures. To help with the healing process and to promote a good sense of self confidence. It is also important to note that a set of temporary dentures can keep your mouth in the correct position until you get your permanent dentures preventing a sagging jawline.

No matter what, it is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons and see what works best for you. Getting immediate dentures immediately following an extraction ensures you won’t go too long without teeth, which can boost your confidence while protecting your gums.

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