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Tooth Filling
Paradise Valley

Very smiley caucasian Paradise Valley man showing off his tooth colored fillingsComposite is a specialized dental material that has successfully replaced conventional filling materials such as amalgam in a majority of the dental practices across the world, owing to its remarkable properties. Amalgam or silver fillings were previously being used for the restoration of teeth affected by wear or decay. The material was known for its strength and structural integrity but it has a number of disadvantages, most prominently that mercury, a toxic substance, is an important constituent of the filling material, and it has no aesthetic value due to its distinct metallic color. There are countless advantages of opting for dental composites for restoration or replacement of old silver fillings.

The Most Prominent Properties of the Material Include:

•  Impeccable aesthetics; the material can be selected based on the exact shade of the natural teeth in the mouth
•  Can easily be manipulated to achieve the right tooth morphology and contour, after which they either cure themselves or can be set with the help of a blue light
•  Do not contain any toxic substances and are therefore 100% biocompatible, non-irritant and non-toxic
•  No chances of material leakage or marginal shrinkage
•  Owing to their outstanding strength, composites can be used to restore both, posterior teeth as well and anterior teeth most conveniently without any chances of fracture
•  The material is very versatile and can be used for the restoration of chipped teeth, decayed teeth, abraded teeth, fractured teeth, and can even be used as a direct adhesive to mask dental gaps etc.
•  Ultra durable and long lasting
•  Multiple teeth can be restored using composites during the same sitting

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are also tooth-colored restorations that offer much more than just aesthetic benefits. These restorations differ from direct conventional fillings in that they are fabricated in a dental laboratory and are then bonded onto the tooth where needed. Onlays can be used to restore decay that has affected the cusps of the tooth and is therefore generally the larger restoration of the two, whereas inlays can be used to replace damaged tooth structure within the margins of the cusps. An impression is taken to record the details and dimensions of the compromised structure that requires replacement. The restoration is prepared in a laboratory and then it is bonded to the tooth surface using adhesives or cement. Today, with the help of CEREC and CAD/CAM technologies, it is possible to prepare the tooth, fabricate the onlay/inlay and bond it within the same sitting. The restoration offers impeccable strength to withstand forces of occlusion and matches the shade and contour of natural teeth in the dental arches.

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