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Tooth Replacement Options
Paradise Valley, AZ

Rendering of a single dental implant from David R. Moyer, DDS in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, AZ
Imagine living with a missing tooth. Whether the missing tooth results from injury, tooth decay, or gum disease, a missing tooth can affect your speech and eating and cause severe issues such as teeth misalignment.

Luckily, several tooth replacement options can help restore the proper functioning of your mouth and smile. At David R. Moyer, DDS, our dedicated Paradise Valley dentist will guide you toward the best solution based on your specific needs.

Some of the best tooth replacement options involve the following:

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Paradise Valley provide a permanent solution for tooth replacement. Whether you have lost a single tooth or a few teeth in different areas, you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. If proper care and maintenance are implemented, you can expect your dental implants to last a lifetime.

Dental implants are designed to match your natural teeth. The dental implant procedure involves replacing the tooth’s roots with titanium posts. This will help to restore your bite force. With some tooth replacement options, you cannot bite with the same force you use with your natural teeth because they aren’t anchored into the jaw. Instead, they sit on the top of the gums.

Another benefit of dental implants is that you are less likely to get cavities. Dental implants are made of materials that can’t decay. In this case, you will not require special care or products to prevent cavities. Additionally, with dental implants, you will not experience embarrassing slippage as you can with dentures. Dental implants are firmly attached in place.

Fixed Dental Bridge

A fixed dental bridge is a perfect solution where one or more teeth are missing. This dental restoration approach will only be successful if the missing teeth are between two healthy teeth. For instance, the teeth must have strong roots to act as anchors for the artificial bridge. During a fixed dental bridge procedure, the dentist will start by examining your mouth. This helps detect any tooth decay or gum disease.

The dentist will then use a file to remove the outer layer of the tooth, leaving the core. The mold of the teeth will then be made and sent to the lab. This helps to customize the dental bridge for proper fit. While you wait for a permanent bridge, the dentist might give you a temporary bridge. When the permanent bridge is ready, it is put in place and attached to the healthy teeth using dental cement.

Fixed dental bridges prevent issues that result from missing teeth. Do you know that the surrounding teeth also support other teeth? After losing a tooth, the surrounding teeth may tilt toward the open space. When left unattended, the teeth might become loose, which can result in teeth loss. A good way to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting is by filling the space with a fixed dental bridge.


The number of missing teeth will indicate the type of tooth replacement option to select. When you miss one or two teeth, the dentist may recommend dental implants or a fixed dental bridge. If multiple teeth are missing, the dentist may suggest dentures. However, dentures can only be successful if you have sufficient and healthy jawbone and gum tissue.

In cases where you lose several teeth on the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures may be a good option. They are removable dentures designed to replace multiple missing teeth but not the entire set of upper or lower teeth. Partial dentures can serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They can improve chewing and biting while enhancing your smile.

However, if you need full mouth restoration, you may require complete dentures. Complete dentures are perfect for people with missing teeth in the entire dental arch. Complete dentures fit perfectly, hence, improving their functionality. The dentist uses the impressions of the teeth and gums to make complete dentures. You will not have to worry about them sliding or falling out. You also won’t have to use dental adhesives to keep them in place.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept

All-on-4 dental implants are affordable tooth replacement options for people who have lost all their teeth on the upper or lower jaw. This restoration technique combines dentures and implants, making it an affordable solution for those who want to improve their smile and restore the proper functioning of their mouth.

One major advantage of All-on-4 dental implants is that patients who are not usually eligible for dental implants, can choose this implant option. Many patients do not qualify for dental implants because of inadequate jawbone density. However, this is not the case with All-on-4 dental implants. During the All-on-4 procedure, the dentist chooses the densest area of the jaw to place the implant. In this case, there will be no need for a bone graft.

Which is the Best Technique to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Do you have empty gaps between your teeth? You may be wondering how to replace a missing tooth. While there are several tooth replacement options, you may be wondering which to choose. Some factors can determine the tooth replacement option to select. Do you need a single tooth replacement? Or are you missing the entire set of teeth? Or do you need full mouth restoration? The dentist may recommend a dental implant or fixed dental bridge for single tooth replacement.

If multiple teeth are missing or the entire dental arch needs replacement, All-on-4 dental implants or dentures may be a good option. Your budget can also determine the type of tooth replacement option you choose. All of the tooth replacement procedures differ in terms of prices. Our dentists will help you choose one that will match your budget.

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