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Oral Cancer Screening
Paradise Valley, AZ

Purple silk ribbon for oral cancer awareness.Oral cavity cancer has been accounted as the sixth most common of all the major malignancies and poses a serious threat to the affected individuals. Males are more prone to develop oral cancers, but both males and females adversely suffer from the disease condition after its occurrence. Oral cancer or carcinoma compromises the quality of life due to the development of pain, discomfort, and difficulty in speech and food intake. Early prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of the developing malignant lesion is of prime importance. David R. Moyer, DDS has the latest diagnostic equipment and training for early screening and diagnosis regarding oral cancer in Paradise Valley, AZ.

What is Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Squamous cell carcinoma constitutes the majority of oral cancerous lesions developing in the mouth and involves abnormal growth of the surface epithelium. The various types of oral squamous cell carcinoma are:
•  Undifferentiated carcinoma
•  Differentiated carcinoma
•  Adenoid squamous carcinoma
•  Verrucous carcinoma.

What are the Risk Factors Associated with Oral Cancer?

Years of practice and oral cancer screening experience tells Dr. Moyer that the following conditions can cause oral cancer:
•  Frequent use of tobacco in the form of cigarette smoking and chewing
•  Daily alcohol consumption
•  Combination of alcohol consumption and smoking produce an additive effect
•  Prolonged exposure to sunlight
•  Poor oral hygiene maintenance
•  Occupational exposure to ultraviolet radiations, metal dust, solvents, paints, and varnishes
•  Long-term mucosal irritation i.e. poorly fitting dentures and oral appliances
•  Low nutritional value diet lacking frequent intake of fruits and vegetables,
•  Viral infections such as HPV infection, HIV infection, EBV infection, and hepatitis virus infection
•  Frequent use of alcohol-containing mouth rinses
•  Exposure to carcinogens such as asbestos

How Can I Evaluate Myself to See if I am in Need of an Oral Cancer Screening?

Dr. Moyer focuses upon general public education and awareness regarding the growth of malignant cells in order to increase the proportion of early screening of oral cancers. If you observe any of the following features, an immediate consultation visit to your dentist in Phoenix, Arizona is necessary:
•  Increased propensity of viral infections
•  Decreased immunity
•  Increased use of tobacco and alcohol consumption
•  Aggressive growth of cells due to their limitless replication capability
•  Rapid loosening and mobility of teeth associated with no apparent cause
•  Persistent pain, numbness of local area, and muscular paralysis
•  Repeated hemorrhages in localized areas
•  Difficulty in swallowing and chewing associated with an earache
•  Increased growth of blood vessels
•  Cell growth masses interfering with normal oral functions
•  Presence of white patches in the buccal mucosa or any other location in the mouth
•  Red velvety patches without the occurrence of any trauma or injury
•  Limited jaw opening
•  Burning sensations when eating spicy foods
•  Any white or red lesion which has not resolved itself for two continuous weeks

Which Sites in the Oral Cavity are Most Prone to Suffer from Oral Cancer?

The lateral border of the tongue is the most common site of oral cancer occurrence within the mouth. Apart from the lateral border of tongue, oral cancer can also occur on the floor of the mouth, buccal vestibule, buccal mucosa, soft palate, gingival, and alveolar ridges. The lower lip is the most prevalent location for the development of extra-oral squamous cell carcinoma.

How Will Dr. Moyer Perform a Screening for Oral Cancer Lesions?

Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, Arizona, will evaluate the presence of malignant lesions through:
•  Complete history and evaluation of the risk factors and associated symptoms
•  Inspection and palpation of the head and neck region along with the oral cavity
•  Examination of the intraoral hard and soft tissues
•  Color and structural abnormalities of the oral mucosa
•  Use of diagnostic adjuncts such as toluidine dye, biopsy, CT scan, and PET-CT scan
•  Special innovative diagnostic velescope device for screening the abnormal tissues.

Visit David R. Moyer, DDS, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Paradise Valley, Arizona, or make a call today at 480.935.6295 to book a consultation visit regarding screening of oral cancer.

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