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Root Canal Paradise Valley

Cross-section diagram detailing the anatomical construction of a tooth in Paradise Valley, AZWith the advancements in dental sciences, the trend has changed from removal of painful teeth towards saving the affected teeth at any cost.

Root canal therapy is the top procedure involved in saving infected teeth and providing them a long and healthy time in the mouth, resulting in the restoration of structure and function.

In most cases, dental decay can be halted with the help of removal of the carious black portion with the help of drills, then placing a compatible filling material.

However, dental caries associated with severe pain which involves the deeply placed nerves and blood vessels cannot be eliminated with simple fillings.

Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Paradise Valley, Arizona, goes for the specialized root canal therapy procedures for an alleviation of a toothache in such situations.

What Is a Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment constitutes the complete removal of the inflamed and infected nerves and blood vessels residing in the dental pulp portion of the tooth.

Complete extirpation of the dental pulp is followed by thorough debridement and disinfection of the root canal spaces for the elimination of bacteria and infectious microbes.

What Is the Dental Pulp?

Dental pulp is the living portion or the nerve of the tooth underlying dentin and enamel. It consists of:
•  Nerves
•  Blood vessels
•  Connective tissues

Why Should I Opt for Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Moyer advises you undergo a root canal therapy procedure in case of:
•  Deep carious lesion or cavity breaching the dentin of tooth and affecting the pulp tissue
•  Irreversible pulpitis causing irreparable damage to dental pulp tissue
•  Cracked teeth causing severe pain
•  Trauma or injury to teeth during an accident
•  Elective or intentional root canal therapy can be indicated in order to provide added retention to a full coverage crown restoration
•  In case of cysts, root canal therapy is performed before carrying out an endodontic surgery procedure for the coronal drainage of pus

What Are the Signs and Symptoms Associated with an Infected Pulp?

The following features are associated with an infected pulp necessitating root canal therapy:
•  Severe and spontaneous pain on biting resulting in the application of pressure on the tooth
•  Prolonged and lingering sensitivity in the tooth associated with hot and cold
•  Presence of a sinus tract, gum boil or a pimple associated with chronic abscess in an infected tooth
•  Symptomless teeth may require root canal therapy sometimes, and it is best to consult Dr. Moyer for an expert opinion.

What Is the Procedure of Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Moyer will carry out a thorough evaluation of the diseased tooth based upon complete history and examination.

He will perform certain diagnostic tests including hot and cold sensitivity tests, surgical operating microscope, digital x rays and electric pulp testing to confirm the diagnosis.

After getting an informed consent, a rubber dam will be placed and local anesthesia will be applied for carrying out a pain-free procedure.

An entry point will be drilled and root canals will be meticulously cleaned using a state of the art mechanical endodontic system with rotary nickel-titanium files and ultrasonic instruments at Scottsdale dentistry.

A single visit procedure can be performed now with new innovative equipment. If needed, an intra-canal medication will be placed and the second visit will be scheduled.

When Dr. Moyer makes an assessment of complete elimination of infection in a dry root canal space, the final filling material will be packed in.

Specially designed cones of gutta percha material are used for filling root canals.

Is It Necessary to Place a Full Coverage Crown over Root Canal Treated Teeth?

Root canal therapy saves the teeth from permanent removal but in the process, natural teeth become brittle, hollow and weak, necessitating the provision of crowns.

Crowns make these teeth strong, fracture-resistant, and increase their life in the mouth.

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