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Teeth Whitening
Paradise Valley, AZ

Before and after Paradise Valley teeth whitening at David R. Moyer, DDS. At David R. Moyer, DDS, we are proud to offer a fast and effective teeth whitening solution known as Boost to patients interested in improving their smile with cosmetic dentistry in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Boost teeth whitening system is one of the most effective and trusted names in excellent chair side teeth whitening. It offers outstandingly fast results and is one hundred percent safe and non-irritant to the oral tissues.

For people who seek immediate teeth whitening and a pearly white, dazzling smile, Boost is the perfect solution. The Boost system is currently being used by countless leading dentists across the globe.

Duration and Procedure of Boost Teeth Whitening

In a little less than an hour, the Boost whitening system can transform the look of a pale, discolored smile. The procedure is relatively simple and quick. The Boost gel is applied to the teeth, the active ingredients of which are then activated using a specialized light.

The dentist first makes a few preparations to protect the lips and soft tissues of the oral cavity. The gel, when activated by light, breaks up the discoloration and stains into smaller fragments and particles which are then easily removed from the surface of the tooth. A whitening session comprises of three application of gel for roughly 15 minutes each. If the patient maintains proper oral hygiene, the results can remain the same for years at a stretch.

What Causes Discoloration of the Teeth?

There are a number of causes that can lead to the discoloration of the teeth. The most common causes include frequent, excessive consumption of staining food and beverages such as coffee, tea, tobacco, and wine, etc. Consumption of tetracycline during the developmental stages of the tooth formation, antibiotic usage or excessive fluoride consumption by supplements, in water, or in the diet may also lead to the discoloration of teeth.

Who Can Benefit from Boost Teeth Whitening?

Anyone can opt for teeth whitening with Boost. However, treatment results may vary with different individual cases. A dental exam and shade assessment of the teeth can help a professional determine the results prior to the procedure.

How Safe Is Teeth Whitening?

Yes, teeth whitening or bleaching is 100% safe. Clinical studies and research have proved that under professional supervision, teeth whitening procedures at dentist's clinics are completely safe. Certain dentists also agree that dental whitening is one of the safest, simplest of all treatments in dentistry. However, the procedure is not recommended for young children below 13 years of age or lactating mothers.

How Long Can the Results of the Procedure Last?

If a patient follows the post operative instructions given by the dentist and maintains good oral hygiene on daily basis, the results of the procedure can last for a long time. A good oral hygiene regime comprises of brushing twice a day and using mouthwashes and dental floss regularly.

What Do Patients Experience During the Procedure?

The Boost teeth whitening experience is a safe, comfortable one for all patients. However, patients with frequent gag reflex problems may experience difficulty during the procedure; it is essential for patients to explain their condition to the dentist prior to the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects of Boost Teeth Whitening?

Generally, there are no side effects of the procedure, but some patients may experience slight sensitivity after the treatment. Patients with sensitive gums or teeth may also experience minimal discomfort when the light is shone on the gel. Discomfort and sensitivity are temporary and usually subside a short while after the procedure.

Note of Assurance

The active ingredient of Boost teeth whitening system is hydrogen peroxide, which has been safely used in dentistry for many years. Teeth whitening is effective on most kinds of discoloration and staining.

Darker stains or stains resulting from intrinsic causes are relatively difficult to remove. The results vary from patient to patient, depending upon the extent and type staining that was initially present on the teeth.

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Patient Special

Complimentary Whitening! - Refer a new patient to the practice, who COMPLETES initial exam and cleaning, and you will receive at no charge take home whitening trays and bleach. Contact us for more information.

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At David R. Moyer, DDS, we provide a fast and effective teeth whitening solution known as "Boost" to patients interested in improving their smile. Click to learn more.
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