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Periodontal Care
Paradise Valley

Concerned caucasian Paradise Valley woman touching her sore cheekHealthy gums and periodontal tissues have prime importance in order to retain natural teeth for longer time periods. Periodontal disturbances and diseases result in loosening and mobility and eventually permanent loss of teeth. Periodontium comprises of the supporting tissues of teeth which include the cementum portion of the root, alveolar bone, gingival tissues, and periodontal ligament fibers. Meticulous oral hygiene maintenance is essential for the removal of plaque and tartar from the surfaces of teeth and underneath gingival tissues. Plaque and tartar are necessary pre-requisites for the development of periodontal diseases. Dr. Moyer uses the latest state of the art techniques and armamentarium for the prevention, screening, and treatment of periodontal diseases in Paradise Valley.

How Do Gingival and Periodontal Diseases Occur?

Dental plaque and tartar formation are the major factors involved in the occurrence of gingival and periodontal abnormalities. Tartar formation results due to mineralization of plaque. Gingival inflammation develops in the early stages characterized by bleeding of gums. With the passage of time, hardening of plaque results below the gums and loss of periodontal fibers attachment with the teeth occurs. Attachment loss leads to the formation of pockets and eventually, mobility and tooth loss happens. A root canal may be necessary at that time.

How Can We Prevent the Occurrence of Gingival and Periodontal Diseases?

Gingival and periodontal diseases can be easily prevented through good oral hygiene maintenance through proper tooth brushing twice daily and with the regular use of dental floss to disrupt the layer of dental plaque and stoppage of tartar or calculus formation. Scaling and polishing of the teeth is highly recommended by Dr. Moyer in the case of bleeding gums at the early stage of gingivitis or gum disease.

What Are the Various Risk Factors Associated with Periodontal Disease Occurrence?

Factors responsible for the development of periodontal diseases are:
•  Smoking is among the major causative factors of gum diseases. Additionally, smoking decreases the effectiveness of periodontal treatment procedures
•  Systemic diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, HIV, and cancer increase the likelihood of periodontal disturbances
•  Hormonal changes associated with puberty, especially in girls and women, make them susceptible to periodontal diseases
•  Medications associated with a decrease in salivary flow can cause gingival and periodontal diseases i.e. calcium channel blockers, steroids, anti-epileptic drugs, anti-psychotics, cancer therapy drugs, etc.
•  Genetic predisposition in certain individuals

What Symptoms Suggest I Have Gum Disease?

The following symptoms are associated with gum and periodontal diseases:
•  Fiery red, tender, and swollen gingival tissue which bleed on brushing your teeth
•  Persistent bad breath or halitosis
•  Teeth tender on percussion or chewing
•  Loosening and mobility of teeth
•  Sensitive teeth
•  Gum recession in advanced cases

What Are the Different Treatment Options for Periodontal Diseases?

Dr. Moyer, your own general and cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona, puts his prime focus on the control of periodontal infection. The extent and method of treatment will depend upon the severity of the disease.

Different treatment options are:
•  Deep cleaning involving thorough scaling, polishing, and root planning procedures
•  Medications such as oral antibiotics, mouth washes, antibiotic gels, and antibiotic chips can be used as an adjunct to scaling and root planning
•  Periodontal flap surgery can be instituted in advanced periodontal diseases
•  Tissue and bone grafts can be placed in addition to flap surgery in severe cases of disease

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