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Scaling & Root Planing
Paradise Valley

Pretty caucasian Paradise Valley woman smiling in dental chair while dentist prepares for scaling and root planingMeticulous oral hygiene maintenance is the pre-requisite for optimum dental and oral health. The oral cavity acts as the gateway to the various organs and systems of human body. Neglected oral hygiene conditions can lead to the development of oral as well as systemic diseases. Furthermore, deposition of dental plaque and calculus on the surfaces of teeth and underneath gingival tissues can cause a foul smell from the mouth resulting in social embarrassment. Dr. Moyer recommends regular consultation visits regarding the cleaning of your teeth in order to maintain healthy teeth and gingival tissues.

What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling is the name given to the procedure involving removal of deposits from the surface of teeth above and below gums for the prevention of bacterial growth without damage or permanent loss of natural tooth structure. Root planing involves removing sub gingival tartar deposits, infected cementum of root surfaces, and plaque to achieve a clean, smooth, and hard tooth surface. It is important to know that this is not a root canal.

What Is Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

Gingivitis is defined as the inflammation of gums. Gums become inflamed, fiery red, swollen, and bleed easily on application of a periodontal probe. Scaling and root planing procedures easily correct this disease. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, which is characterized by attachment loss and pocket formation. Advanced periodontitis involves tooth mobility and permanent tooth loss with the passage of time.

What Are the Objectives of Scaling and Root Planing Procedures?

Scaling and root planning procedures aim to achieve:
•  Dental plaque and tartar removal
•  Reduction in the number of microorganisms and bacteria causing gum diseases
•  Reduction in the number of periodontal disease-causing microbes
•  Decreased number of anaerobic microbes which are more harmful to gums and periodontal tissues
•  Reduction and ultimate elimination of gum inflammation
•  Gain of lost attachment between the periodontal ligaments and periosteum of underlying bone
•  Reduction in the periodontal pocket depths
•  Elimination of halitosis i.e. foul smell from mouth

Which Instruments Are Used for Scaling and Root Planing Procedures?

Dr. Moyer uses various instruments in combination for the effective removal of food debris, dental plaque, and tartar deposits from the surfaces of teeth. There are several different instruments used for this. Manual sickle scalers, which are specially designed instruments used for the removal of supra-gingival calculus deposits. Universal and gracey curettes, which are scaling instruments of choice for the complete removal of sub-gingival calculus, and for root planing of the infected cementum areas and soft tissue lining of the periodontal pockets. Universal curettes can be used for all surfaces of teeth while each gracey curette cleans specific tooth surfaces. Ultrasonic scaling tips are used at high speed in a specially designed hand piece for the rapid removal of heavy tartar deposits.

Will the Scaling and Root Planing Procedures Eliminate All Periodontal Diseases?

Gingivitis and early periodontitis can be completely eliminated with the help of scaling and root planing procedure visits. In cases of advanced periodontal diseases, periodontal surgical techniques are required. Laser gum surgery and LANAP techniques provide good results employing minimally invasive procedures.

How Frequently Should I Get a Cleaning of My Teeth?

Dr. Moyer advises you to get regular consultation visits regarding evaluation of gingival and periodontal health status. It is recommended you consult your dentist twice a year regarding the need for scaling and root planing procedures.

Is It Necessary to Get an Antibiotic Prophylaxis Before Scaling and Root Planing of My Teeth?

Gum treatment procedures can introduce certain bacteria in the blood stream and there may be a risk of development of infective endocarditis in immune compromised people and patients having prosthetic heart valves. It is advised to take prophylactic antibiotics before the procedure for your safety if you have such a condition.

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